Following a series of Facebook posts by Syafarin Sarif, chairman of the People's Power Party (PPP), which claims that the Orlando Shootings may have been staged by "government organizations", the PPP's secretary-general Goh Meng Seng has also come out to "scold" the LGBT community for only caring about events that affect their community. He also cast doubts on certain aspects of the Orlando shooting and questioned whether there is more than meets the eye to this tragedy.
In a lengthy Facebook post on his wall, Goh wrote yesterday that although the Orlando shooting is an unfortunate incident where many innocents were killed, there have been many others in the past decades happening in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Africa among others. However, he says that none of these tragedies seemed to provoke the same kind of response from Singaporeans, who gathered at Hong Lim Park to mourn the deaths of the Orlando shooting victims.
Goh wondered aloud: "Well, is it just because the victims of Orlando shooting are LGBT and thus, there were more sympathy? Or are Singapore LGBT more vocal and concern about their own community's plight?"
He quickly clarified that he was not "against LGBT" and had even knowingly supported LGBT candidates. However, he again chided the LGBT community for only being "assertive in their rights and wanting others to support their movement like Pinkdot".
Turning his attention to the facts of the Orlando shooting case, Goh also seems to be in disbelief about news reports on the shootings and questioned whether it would have been logistically and physically possible for a lone gunman to shoot at over a 100 people without being overpowered or resisted.
He wrote: " There are some facts we need to look at. The shooting was reportedly started OUTSIDE the nightclub first, between law enforcers and the criminal. It makes hell of a difference here. And according to this report, the killing inside the club was still happening 30 minutes AFTER the shoot out started.
"How many crazy are involved? It was said one. But is it possible? For the Swat team and policemen to miss all shots on one single man and this man went in and shot over 100 people.. some dead, some wounded.
"Now, most Singaporean guys have been trained to use an assault riffle. Do you know how heavy it is to carry 6 magazines of 5.56 rounds? A full battle order comes with 6 magazines and it was pretty difficult to carry it without your SBO! Now, this guy, was supposed to carry EIGHT magazines!
"Now if he wasn't carrying a 30 rounds magazines but a 20 rounds magazines, he would be stuffing himself up with at least 12 magazines… changing magazines in rapid succession. 
No one actually took the opportunity to take him down while he was changing magazines? He needs to change at least 6 magazines of 20 rounds, or at least 4 magazines of 30 rounds!"

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