Hi everyone, I’m looking for this guy Wei Hao!

Pls help to share and find him out!

Many of u had asked me what had happened? This is how he make use of my trust.. A few mths back he came to me for help as he is jobless.. Telling me tat he needed money badly for his family n has been jobless for quite some time already n he is interested with working in a Tackleshop. Out of good will as a friend I trusted him and intro him to one of my customer shop to work located at beach road, in just one mth he stolen up to $8000 worth of tackles from my customer shop to sell on line.. Rod, reel and Jig! Some of my friend has saw him selling all this stuff at fishingkaki. N Friends has been telling me he has been spending money like water in Thail disco. Police Report has been make against him. Has been trying to contact him to settle this problem. Heard from someone he went to Thailand with his Thail disco gf. Don’t know if he has came back to SG! Anyone see him pls pm me.

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