A reader has submitted the full story behind the video of a GrabCar driver and a woman, who appeared to be in dispute over a GrabCar coupon.

According to the driver Eugene Tan, he had sent the woman to her stated address at Anchorvale Road. Prior to reaching his destination, the GrabCar driver ended the trip in the app.

The woman then turned nasty, kicking up a fuss about a $15 promotion that Grab was offering riders. She claimed that because the driver had ended the trip, she could not key in the coupon code and thus could not claim the discount.

The driver however coolly pointed out that the woman needed to key in the code before making the booking in the first place. The woman however continued to insult him and insisted that she was in the right.

Left with no choice, Mr Tan called Grab’s corporate office and tried to pass the phone to the woman, who instead demanded that Grab call her on her mobile phone instead.

She then continued to shout and interrupt Mr Tan’s conversation on the phone.

When Mr Tan mentioned that he may be forced to call the police, the woman decided that it was better for her to call the police herself and give her own side of the story first. She told police hotline responders that she was unhappy that the driver had ended her booking early in order to get more bookings.

The woman remained in the car for an hour before being removed by the police.

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