Dear religious people,

You used to be persecuted for your beliefs. Those of you who are Christian were persecuted for your faith by Jews and the Roman Empire from the first century. Those of you who are Muslim were persecuted by the early pagan Meccan and by the Catholic Church during the Crusades. History is rife with examples of numerous religions and their adherents who were attacked for their beliefs.

All because somebody else out there didn’t agree with your beliefs, your principles, your view of our world, and wanted to impose their values on you. Today, your struggle continues in certain parts of our world, but the principle of freedom of religion is now widely accepted, we have relative peace, and you are free to live as you want, as you are.

Today, please don’t do unto others what others have done unto you.

Don’t persecute others for their beliefs, their principles, their view of our world, just because you don’t agree with them.

Don’t impose your values on others who don’t share them, the same way people tried to impose their values on you in the past. Whether such others are of another religion, another belief. Or of a sexual orientation that you disagree with.

Don’t perpetuate the cycle of discrimination, hatred and violence that you suffered, and some of you continue to suffer, under. Let us all, as you are and want, be free to live in peace. As we want, as we are.

An agnostic, straight person.

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