A reader has written in to defend his celebrity idol, Angeline Yap, who has been under attack by a jealous girlfriend of her former boyfriend.

Hi A.S.S.,

Please be fair to Angeline. This is not the first time the woman has been making accusations against her. Angeline has already broken up with her boyfriend for OVER THREE YEARS. That’s a very long time to be holding a grudge if you ask me.

Do us all a favour and stop publishing old issues. Thank you.

Wei Qiang

Angeline herself has also responded to the accusations with a Facebook post.

Read her response here.

“Great minds talk about ideas… Average minds talk about events.. Small minds talk about people. It’s only shows how narrow-minded and malicious this woman is . Sore loser much ? It’s not the first time already and I’ve been tolerating her nonsense long enough. It’s very obvious she’s sooooo jealous of me and wants to defame me. Well … Sorry but pple who try to bring me down are ALREADY below me .

It has been 3 years since I broke up with my ex BF yet this woman just can’t stop staying out of my life . Hey , if you don’t like me , LEAVE ME ALONE . You have absolutely no right at all to comment anything about me . “Now u have the most wonderful and caring man by your side” ? LOL. GOOD FOR YOU . TOO BAD BUT I DON’T EVEN ENVY YOU ONE BIT 😉

Lastly , Mind your own business, shut your evil mouth and GET YOUR OWN LIFE. You are such a big bully. You can rave more I don’t give a damn. Thanks for the publicity. HATERS MAKE US FAMOUS 🙂

I don’t care what you say but karma will hit you hard one day . Watch out and be careful 🙂

Remember always, 人在做,天在看。

Angeline Yap Siling”

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