Nike Singapore at Vivo city. Total bullshit. The shorts I wanted to purchase is $59. Yet the guy ( Sanindra ) insisted that the price $65 is correct as his POS say so. Total of 5 shorts, all were printed $59 except for 1 which is $65. We showed him but he insisted that he is correct and challenged me to feedback go his HQ. I refused to buy the shorts and he stated that the transaction cannot be void and forced me to buy the shorts.

Next moment, after calling his HQ, he changed his words. He said that he can void But he refused to return me my credit card and forced me to sign on the transaction. I refused to sign anything and he threatened me that he will call the security. I ignored him, call the bank to settle. I saw him scribbling on the charge slips from a distance. I have no idea what he signed and all I know I am charged for the item I did not take.

He stated that he voided the transaction but when I called my bank for verification, as of now only charged could be seen. Not only online, at stores, beware what merchants do to your credit card. This is a terrifying experience on how Nike tried to forced their consumers to buy stuff and putting a different price on the items comparing to their POS.

What’s best? He is not apologetic in any way and stated that I’m threatening him by going to police because he don’t wanna get me back my credit card. He threatened that the CCTV is all recorded that I agreed to the transaction.

Beware when you go Nike to shop, don’t let them anyhow swipe your card if not they say cannot void. How rubbish is that? First time hear cannot void transaction.

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