After making a police report against the online threats of Bryan Lim earlier today, I’ve just received a call from the SIO of Tanglin Police Station informing me that the case has been referred to the secret police for further investigations. They have also appealed for more information on this Bryan Lim so if anyone knows him personally please come forward to help our home team with their investigations.

Bryan Lim may be the central figure in this unsettling case but I think there is a greater evil behind his open threat. People like him are mostly moved by the insidious antics of Lawrence Khong of the FCBC who incessantly attacks the LGBT community with little justification beyond his ungodly desire to hate those whom he would not love. When the government and law enforcement agencies of this secular state choose to ignore the dangerous conduct of these religious bigots, they are actually empowering them to boldly move forward and openly infringe on the civil liberties of others who wish for nothing more than living their own lives as free citizens of a democratic country.

A mighty shame for a country that’s performed so well in so many areas except for the freedom for one to love and be loved, which should be a constitutional guarantee but shamefully, is not.

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