Dear ASS,

I would like to share my frustrations of being an ex-Christian in Singapore and believe there are those who can relate with my experiences as well.

I kind of accepted Jesus during my adult working life and attended a local mega Church. I thought I have found a purpose for my life and a place where I truly belong but my joy soon turned into one of disillusion as I felt the real deity behind the Church was LKY Almighty! The National Council of Churches even went as far to proclaim during a Festival of Praise that being disobedient to LKY and his anointed son was tantamount to rebelling against Jesus Himself. At this point, I felt it was too much for me to take and I left Church to join the Humanist Society of Singapore where I have remained since.

But even before this, there were too many things wrong in my former Church which mirrored the practice of the PAP appointed civil service and judiciary but only difference is in the Name of God:

1. Leaders are appointed based on their affluence/connections and how much they can contribute to the coffers

2. Elitism is adored

3. Leaders like those in Heart of God/City Harvest, Faith Community Baptist, Assemblies of God and Lighthouse cannot have dissenting views from the central leadership and problems from the flock must be contained ASAP or face expulsion

4. Common traits of the central leadership is that they possess a PBM, BBM and are grassroots infiltrators acting as eyes and ears for the various PAP MPs or ISD

5. Those opposition or identified opposition sympathizers like myself must be quickly isolated for counseling and possible deliverance from a demonic spirit of rebellion

The motivating factor that sealed my decision in joining the ever growing Humanist Society was after having conversations with my friends of other races and found that they too are very affected by government control of their religion such as MUIS, Sikh advisory board, the Hindu endowment board and IRO etc. With this, I came to the actual realization that religion is indeed man-made to manipulate and control the dumb and ignorant masses into doing the Elites sinister agenda!

Hope you see the light and break free from this bonds so to speak #There is no true god in singapore

Issac Ong
A.S.S. Contributor

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