Dear A.S.S,

This guy (Lim Wei Siong Aka Shawn Lim Aka 林伟祥) has been seen on Facebook lately regarding the scam that he did with 2 companies for now. He told them that he does renovation but after a month when they go to the office , nothing was done ! We do not know if he’s scamming more people but current news is that he has gone MIA without paying off the refund for 1 of the company.

He demanded them to take down the Facebook post that they posted but did not keep to his promise of returning another refund to the other company. His mobile number : 9773 1922 is currently unavailable . And his family & friends are unwilling to help them . Currently the amount that he owe 1 of the companies are $3K+.

And he’s not even afraid of he police , he asked them to go ahead to make the police report. We hope this conversation can be of great help to look for this guy. Do share this post or even call the police as they have already make a police report regarding this scam.

A.S.S Contributor

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