As with the older generation , it is much of a fortune if the women in the family give birth to a baby son than a daughter. Son are generally much more preferred than daughter because of the much believed traditional value of carrying on the generation, i wonder does that context still hold in sg anymore?

The world has changed , not just simply sg. On a hindsight , what is there to be happy about giving birth to a son seeing how disadvantages that men are put at now.

i can easily name a few

1) men commit more crime than women which means there is a percentage that ur sons might grow up to be thief , rapist , etc…

2) The 2 years of ns commitment and not to forget 10 years of ICT and yearly ippt , i shall not go in depth on this point

3) women charter

4) Men are believed to be self-centered and highly egoistic creatures, If u want them to take care of u in old age , u better be equipped with a fully paid HDB and tons of cash. With that , the inheritance better be his.

5) Giving birth to a son means u have to worry about his physique, parent nowadays are better educated and understand the importance of height for boy , if he stand at the same height as a women, he gonna have a miserable and bitter life ahead of him. on the other hand , one won’t get such kind of worry from a daughter.

6) Another point to add on , men in these days need to possess what we call the 3 high in order to be considered for eligibility. They are namely tall height , high qualification and high salary , all in the name of gender as men are perceived to be protector and head of the family. To be fair , when u are talking about serious relationship , men tend to look for average women , contrary to popular belief , women doesn’t even need to be sexy with deadly figure or even kpop star facial features to be considered for relationship.

7) Even if ur son does managed to get married , don’t be too happy either as u gain a daughter in law but “loses” a son instead.

8) If ur daughter turns out to be a great beauty with looks and brain , she even can make the best use of her assets and youth to manipulate men like little monkey running around circus and some may even have a chance to hook up with golden rice spoon and be settled for life. There is very little chance or in no way that ur sons is able to do that.

More to add on , but with the list above , it’s enough to think and consider whether one should be happy if they give birth to a son in sg?

A.S.S. Contributor

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