A burly Caucasian man has been caught on video speaking rudely and shouting at AirAsia staff at Changi Airport.

The reason? AirAsia staff had to change boarding gates while passengers were queuing up. After getting impatient, the man decided to take matters into his own hands.

He stepped out of the queue and began gesturing at AirAsia staff, who appeared frightened but tried to maintain their professionalism.

“Cepat cepat cepat cepat (Malay for faster)!” He could be heard shouting at a petit AirAsia staff. “Don’t think we are stupid.”

He then shouted some instructions at her and pointed at the direction of the gate.

When the man realized that his tantrum was being filmed, he turned towards the video taker and demanded that she turn off the video.

“Turn of the video. You have to get my permission first. I will complain to the airport authority. You took my video without permission.”

He left the area shortly afterwards.

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