A reader has shared the story of a Singaporean man, who thought he found love in a PRC prostitute, but later realized that the woman had been using his feelings, and the feelings of at least 5 other men, to earn money.

Having had unprotected sexual intercourse with the woman for a few months, the duped Singaporean man has set up a forum thread to contact the PRC woman’s other lovers and advised them to go for sexual health checks.

Read his account here.

“You know her as Clearly (LTD), a ML, who based on my conversations with bros who have contacted me via forum or wechat, have revealed that she has been stringing us all along, some with promises of marriage, some left sg to go china to earn a better living (she promising to return to be with them).

I have been in a serious (or so i thought) relationship with her since end-Feb when she begged me to return to her after our breakup. We have been having unprotected sex since the 3rd session – sometime in July 2015 – and i know now that she has been doing it with many bros raw for the past year.

Her MO is always the same…..if you seem decent or gullible enough, to kc you into believing there is a future together, in order to get good stuff. Some bros have gone all over china just to get her stuff (i’m guilty). She always says that you are the only special one, the rest she is just accomodating and she has no feelings for them.

You know why her wechat id is 很黄的容?

You will laugh! It was our fantasy. Her real name is 周容。My surname is 黄

After we get married she was supposed to be my 黄蓉 and i’m her 郭靖

I accepted whatever baggage she was coming with….everything that is not listed on her LTD advert
Her divorce
Her 9 year child, who we agreed to fight for custody of after we settle in china
Her status in Singapore as an overstayer, meaning i may never get to have a life here with her
Her history in the vice trade

And she decided a millionaire’s wife’s life was more worth it. I don’t blame her. But don’t let me find out she’s been leading all us bros on for a whole year!

While she appears very down to earth, hardworking, sincere, that is just her way to make you believe she is an innocent nice girl, and makes you want to take care of her. She’s not.

She’s just hedging her bets until a bigger and richer fish comes along. All that crap about wanting a simple life with me, us planning for marriage, me meeting her mum, proposing with a ring… that counted for nothing when she met a British National Hongkonger who remitted $200,000 SGD to her account. On the same day, almost 2 weeks later, she broke up with me and another bro (we’ve corroborated with each other).

Now, if you are the young landlord that has been helping her rent her current place, you need to see this for yourself and open your eyes. She has been hoodwinking you. Harbouring an overstayer is a shitload of trouble. You need to save yourself.

For those that have helped her subscribe her many prepaid cards under your name, beware that her overstayer and vice status has been exposed – yes, ICA and SPF are aware. You ought to quickly cancel your cards lest you are thought to be abetting criminal activity.

If you are the uber rich British National Hongkonger…. she has admitted to me that she has never told you about me and her. You need to see this for yourself too. I am open to meeting you in person to show you the evidence if you so wish it. She is a conniving scheming liar, and you need to know she is to us samsters here, what we call a public toilet. Wechat me please.


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