A theater goer has written in to MDA protesting a scene from the musical run of Les Miserables in Singapore. The netizen Alvin Ng said that during the musical, two male actors engaged in a kissing scene. MDA responded to his complain and have instructed the musical to censor the kissing scene with immediate effect for the rest of its run in Singapore.

This is the response from MDA:

Thank you for your feedback on the musical “Les Miserables”.

The inclusion of a same-sex kiss by two male characters in the musical is a breach of the licence which was issued for the musical. MDA has looked into the matter and liaised with the applicant who has since removed the kissing scene from the musical for the rest of its run.

MDA will be following up further with the applicant on this matter. We thank you for sharing your concerns with us.

Media Development Authority

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