Dear Editors,

We have heard of many scams such as parcel scams, phone scams, lottery scams and online scams. And these stories always conclude by tell everyone to be more aware of such scams. Spread the news and let everyone know so we don’t fall prey.

But one question none of these articles ever addressed is, how many of the those who actually fell victim managed to get their money back?

It’s great that we are upping preventive measures and actively trying to reduce the scam rates. But sometimes, it’s simply impossible to distinguish a scam from a legit deal until it’s time to deliver the product/service you ordered. The seller could even have a good reputation and is licensed by authority, but there’s no way we can tell whether his reputation was built legitly or built by villains in hand.

I believe the people with most authority to help victims recover scammed funds are the police and the banks? It’d be great if they did help victims in pro bono fashion, but it never happens because they have too many priorities… If possible, we (or they) should be helping people to recover lost funds and minimise damage, instead of treating it as a lesson learnt and implying to them “Buyers beware. You’re on your own. We’re not helping you get your money back.” Otherwise, our economy could suffer worse than it is now.

A.S.S. Contributor

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