Our reader shared with us a touching Facebook note, accompanied by photo proof, of an exemplary act of sportsmanship by SRJC students during the Inter-JC Ultimate Championship.

“Last weekend, at the Inter-JC Ultimate Championship, I got to witness what I believe to be one of the best act of sportsmanship from the SRJC Ultimate team. After a gruelling 30 mins of intense rivalry on the field, RI eventually came up top, beating SR by a single point. As the final horn was blown, a RI player overwhelmed with emotion, broke down in tears.

It was at this moment, I witnessed a level of maturity, love and sportsmanship unlike any I have witnessed in a group of 18 year old athletes. Despite being overwhelmed with regret and disappointment, the SR Ultimate team left their emotions and feud aside, and embraced the young gentlemen, offering their most sincere congratulations and encouragement. Though they might have lost the game and the trophy, they have won something way more valuable – respect.

Thank you SRJC Ultimate for teaching us what it means to be a true athlete”

Adrian Seetho
A.S.S. Contributor

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