Dear @SMRT taxi,

I would like to lodge a complain about a taxi driver, I had the most unpleasant service and he was firmly rude to me.

I boarded this taxi, SHC 4462 M, around 920pm today from woodlands checkpoint taxi stand and wanted to head home, Marsiling Drive, after waited for almost 10 minutes for 913 bus. (Thats why I decided to take a cab since theres alot of taxi queueing.)

As i told him my address, he got pissed at me because i was living nearby the check point and should have taken the bus instead despite me explaining. He told me that he waited at the taxi stand for a long time to get customers.

He even used the word “fuck” on me because I told him “nevermind lah uncle, I’ll be paying the fare. Atleast u earn something” and he told me off “you think your money alot is it? then big fuck?” Im surprised by the language he used on me. He even threatened me saying that he would make a u-turn and drop me off at woodlands checkpoint taxi stand.

Im very disappointed to receive such a service. i kept quiet through out the trip as I didnt want to be caught in danger and I had my little sister along with me. And ya, I paid almost $7 for the fare.

Ang Mo
A.S.S. Contributor

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