Siti Nurfadariiyah Rosdi was crossing the road to a Ramadan bazaar in Jurong when a speeding Mercedes fatallu struck her and flung her 3 metres away. The incident took place at around 8.30 pm. She was on her way to help her boyfriend’s family at their Ramly burger stall.

Eyewitness say the driver of the car was speeding and tried to beat the red light when he swerved to avoid people crossing the road and lost control. Even though Ms Siti stepped onto the road divider to avoid he oncoming vehicle, she was still hit and it flung her to the other side of the road and landed head first.

Afyque Salleh who was a witness to the accident posted this update on his facebook.

“I’m not related to arwah, my family & i was about to close our booth when it happen. Of course we render our help till ambulance came. Good thing other stalls owner did came forward to helped. We tried to help as much as we could, but sadly she didnt make it. I hope this answer some doubts.

Only manage to capture the driver’s face. The full accident pics i didnt take any due to respect to the deceased family. Salam takziah to the deceased family. Such a young age to passed away. May you always be with Allah swt. We wish for your kindness to help us pray for Siti Norfadariiyah Bte Rosdi.

I’ll share any other info if i receives any. Dont stop praying for our fellow muslims. I was asked if the driver was assault, my answer is “NO” we didnt do anything to him. Just manage to shut him up when he’s talking shit. Whatever it is, let the law settle it.

Latest news- Jenazah arwah nya(Siti Norfadariiyah Bte Rosdi) akan diuruskan dimasjid PUSARA AMAN seblom waktu zohor.

The deceased will be processed at PUSARA AMAN mosque.. before azan zohor which is 1pm.”

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