Dear friends, last night (7 june 2016) a fatal accident happened at Jurong west ave 1 at the taffic junction in front of Jurong west Ramadan Baazar at around 9pm. It involve a dark grey Merc driven by a middle age chinese driver and a young malay female (decease) who is just a day shy of 21year of age. (BIRTHDAY ON 8 JUNE).

I and my younger brother was one of the first few stall holder who rush forward upon seeing the accident as it happened just in font of my stall. No words can descripe the scene which i saw. The decease is one of a stall assistance at the baazar and was crossing at the taffic junction was she was struck down. She had a widowed wheel chaired bound mother and was the the pillar of strength for the family.

A number of eye witnesses had gone forward to give their statements but now the problem is the driver claim he doesn’t remember the details and futher more it happen at a traffic light juction crossing. Even his car cam was missing . So alot of twisting and turning coz a lot of us heard the loud noise when he mount the center divider at a very high speed and thus our statement only reflect that.

I sincerely appeal to my friends to please shared this post as more evidence and eye witness can come forward. Better if someone who had an in car -cam footage of the accident or someone who was there at that time and saw the whole accident can come forward and bring some justice for the innocent deceased and family.

Please share with your family and friends . Thanks

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