1. Alice Fong can talk dirty, really very dirty
If you watched Alice’s performance at JEM foodcourt, you can see how she proficiently rant out filthy words off the cuff. Now imagine her in the privacy of your bedroom, confirm hot, steamy dirty talk. Such a turn on!

2. Alice Fong can bring you out for free lunches and dinner. No need bring your wallet!
SG guys always worried about paying for date, hell no u will not with Alice Fong. Instead, you the lucky man will get free dinners at high class restaurants together with a property agent. No idea why property agent involved but just ignore them and enjoy the expensive makan. No need pay a single cent and enjoy the feast.

3. She is an expert Bak Zhang maker who is respectful to elders!
Bak Zhang is so difficult to make but Alice has huge experience making this chinese delicacy. She always make delicious bak zhang for the community elderly, what a angelic heart to fit her devilish figure.

4. Alice Fong is super well-networked and “connected”
As a veteran community activist who join in so many Nee Soon community events, she has great rapport with the RC, CC, Grassroots and PAP MP. If you ever face problems, need to write MP appeal, with Alice Fong as your wife, confirm get your wishes fulfilled.

5. Alice Fong is an accountant, good in math and possess priceless school exam papers.
She is rumoured to have access to school exam papers which cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If you have kids with Alice, you can save so much money. Moreover she is an accountant, her mathematics skills sure good one. Your kid’s school results confirm do very well!

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