Let’s be objective for a second. What’s the agenda when so many foreign corporates sponsor a protest campaign like Pink Dot? There is a difference between supporting political protests and sponsoring apolitical ones. The first obviously interferes with our culture norms and laws, while the second does not.

Everyone who does events know that campaigns need money. And for a large-scale, marketing-focused campaign/event like Pink Dot, as much as a 6-figure budget is expected. Where does that money come from? Are we experiencing a silent takeover of our culture and only just realising?

If Pink Dot’s agenda is to change Singapore’s moral laws – there must be no Foreign Funding and Interference. This has been our standing policy for all issues. We must not practice double standards when it comes to our moral laws. Our Government must maintain that protest at Hong Lim is meant only for locals. Pink Dot has fooled everyone by pretending only a part of their event is a demonstration, as if the whole event – including their political speeches – is not demonstrative in nature.

We must be fooled no longer.

So we at Say NO to Foreign Intervention will launch our own protest to the Government. We declare that we will send a petition to the Government every year as long as long we continue to observe signs of Foreign Funding and Interference in Pink Dot. We will call out the Pink contradiction, the Pink double standard and the Pink hypocrisy.

Pink is not for Singapore. Pink is not by Singaporeans. Pink is for subversion and perversion. So rise up Singaporeans! Now we check on their corruption.

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