It has been almost one month since Minister Heng underwent surgery at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 12 May.

The government has continued to give Singaporeans the impression that all is well with Minister Heng when all is not: he has been in ICU for 27 days. The ICU is a ward which “cares for critically ill patients with complex and life-threatening medical conditions”.

A few days ago, fellow Tampines GRC MP Masagos Zulkifli hinted that all is not well when he said Heng has responded well to “very complicated” surgery. Masagos has still not been able to visit Heng after more than 3 weeks and relayed this information from “PM Lee and senior cabinet members”. What the public is hearing – the opinion of a few people parroted by MPs and the mainstream media.

In a FB post on 30 May, PM Lee said Heng was “recovering well.. making steady progress..fully lucid, communicative, and cheerful”. Heng even gave PM Lee “two thumbs up”.

What the people need to know, and the PAP is obligated to disclose, is Heng’s real condition:

Is Heng experiencing paralysis on the left or right side of his body?
How bad is the paralysis?
Are his muscles strong enough for him to sit or stand?
Does he have any trouble understanding speech or writing?
Does he require cognitive therapy?

PAP should be upfront and cease treating Singaporeans as if everyone is dumb.

The truth is Heng will no longer be able to discharge his responsibilities as an MP/minister and the PAP should be ready to execute plan B soon. Stroke victims are known to be at significantly increased risk of recurrent strokes and, logically, Heng will likely prioritise his health over dollars and cents. There is also an issue of increased mortality rate for stroke victims.

Masagos and his Tampines team can’t anyhow claim Heng’s constituents “will not feel that they are missing the services that are due to them”. Heng’s job as an MP is to raise issues in Parliament and if he is unable to do so, aren’t his constituents shortchanged? Did Masagos conduct any survey to confirm Heng’s constituents are fine without his service? I guess Masagos has been talking too much cock. 

Masagos’ team may be able to stand in for weeks at best but Heng needs months or years to fully recover, if ever.

Singaporeans are no longer living in an age where information is disseminated from only one PAP source. There are questions which demand upfront answers.

It is really unproductive for one MP/minister after another to continue giving false assurance about Heng’s condition: taxpayers are owed nothing but the truth.

The government should stop all this wayang on Heng’s medical condition: his medical condition and rehabilitation will not allow him to discharge his responsibilities. So what is plan B?

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