Soh Lung was at the police station just – what happened is disgusting.

(Background: Soh Lung and I were hauled up to the police station last week to be interrogated for some posts we made on our Facebook and my blog. We were accused of a crime we did not do. The police kept saying we made an arrestable offence and that they could use their powers to do anything against us. The “crime” carries a penalty of up to 12 months in prison for each charge.)

From what Soh Lung said on her Facebook, the police only told her that she needed to go back today to collect the devices that they seized from her last week.

Soh Lung had said: “I don’t know if the police have another trick up their sleeves. It is hard to trust them. But what can I do except to be prepared for the worst to happen? I may be subjected to another round of interrogation, threats and perhaps arrested. I don’t know.”

She was right. When she got to the police station just now, the police would not let her bring her phone and powerbank up with her to the supposed “appointment”.

It did not feel like an appointment. It felt like a trap. They wanted to interrogate her further but pretended that it was only about letting her collect her devices.

It was clear the police was up to something. They did not want her to bring her phone so that she would be trapped and could not contact anyone. The police wanted to keep her from contacting anyone so that they could intimidate her further.

Soh Lung decided not to collect her items back because of the police’s trickery. But the police would not return her IC. They wanted her to go up alone and without any form of communication so that they could hold her captive for further interrogations. If not, they threatened not to return her her IC.

It was only after more than half an hour that the police went down and told Soh Lung the truth – that they actually wanted to interrogate her further. So when they told her previously that she could collect the devices that they seized from her, they were not telling her the complete truth. The police actually wanted to isolate Soh Lung further to intimidate her further.

Then why did the police not state the truth upfront? Why did the police pretend that it was only about Soh Lung collecting her devices when they had planned to hold up back when she did so?

This is despicable. What happened to our police? Aren’t they supposed to have integrity and to uphold justice, as their values state?

Is the police now behaving in underhanded and unscrupulous ways, so as to work for the PAP and entrap innocent Singaporeans?

I am disgusted because last week, I was helpless when it happened to me. I was all on my own during the interrogations. The police would not let me speak to the lawyer, Jeannette, who was there to represent Soh Lung.

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