On 29 May, 5 customers were accidentally locked inside a KFC outlet at Novena Square.

There were 2 groups of customers stuck inside. As there was another group of customers present in the outlet, a pair of customers did not think anything was amiss.

One of the customers only realised what happened when she tried to throw her drink away at about 10.30 pm. She noticed that even though there some lights in the kitchen were left on, the shutters for the outlet had been drawn.

Frantic, the customers begin to hit the shutters and shout for help. However, it seems that there were no staff inside the outlet.

The commotion caught the attention of a group of Ngee Ann Polytechnic students who passed by the outlet from the outside of the mall. The students tried to call the KFC hotline, helped to look for security guards to help and checked if any of the shutters.

Eventually, the customers managed to find a backdoor in the kitchen before the police arrived.

KFC has since apologised and offered the customers a free meal as a token of apology.

One of the customers chose not to accept it as she felt the apology was not sincere.

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