In an extreme measure to tighten cyber security in Singapore, all computers used by public servants will be cut off from the Internet from May next year. An official memo has gone out to all government agencies informing of the Internet blockade.

There are currently 100,000 computers used by public servants and all will be adversely affected.

An IDA spokesman clarified when contacted: “The Singapore Government regularly reviews our IT measures to make our network more secure.” This move was aimed at preventing potential information leaks amid increased cyber security threats.

Local netizens have reacted with shocked and surprise at this draconian measure. Here are some of their responses:

“Used to work in the gov service. Such a pity it has to come to this. The internet has helped a great deal at work. Phones or tablets just don’t offer the same convenience, plus, with the limited data that comes in a normal package, not many would want to use them for work. And nope, there are no wifi in the office, and majority are not subsidised for the data package.”

“Goes to show Govt has no confidence in internet security solutions that it has to resort to such drastic measures. We can accept if SAF does that, but now even teachers in MOE and IHL are affected. This is regression, moving backwards when the internet is so useful and important. What is to come is like chopping off the whole hand when only the finger is cut.”

“If you block the internet, its tantamount to the isolation from the outside world. It will be very very difficult to move forward and be creative and to learn from the world. Is certainly a move backwards”

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