On Tuesday night (7 June), the police and SCDF responded to a call at Lorong H Telok Kurau.

A 59 year-old woman was pronounced dead on the scene. It was allegedly that the deceased was stabbed by her 23 year-old domestic helper. The family has 2 domestic helpers.

The deceased’s husband had heard a commotion coming from the direction of the toilet. When he rushed over, the domestic helper charged at him with a knife. A struggle ensued. His daughter-in-law phoned the police for help.

Three men on motorcycles passed by the semi-detached and were alerted by his cries for help. As the gate was open, two of them restrained the helper while the other man called the police.

The deceased husband suffered injuries on his throat. He was conveyed to Changi General Hospital. Before he got into the ambulance, he told his daugher-in-law to make arrangements for both the helpers to be sent home.

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