A Facebook video uploaded by user Esther Ng has been making the rounds on Facebook because of its shocking content.

In the video, a tearful young girl from Tanjong Katong Girls’ School films herself speaking about her ordeal while living with her natural father, who wrested her away from her mother. She claims that she had been forced to live in an insect-infested house with the father, who often suffers from seizures and who she feels is not fit to take care of her.

She then makes the shocking claim that her father has behaved in sexually inappropriate ways towards her. She claims that he often “embarasses” her in public by talking to others about the colour of her underwear. She also claims that her father encourages her to drink more milk so that her “breasts will grow bigger”.

As if that were not disturbing enough, she drops an even bigger bombshell, claiming that her father had touched her on the side of her breasts and around the groin.

According to Esther Ng, the uploader of the video, the girl is the daughter of her friend. The girl has allegedly run away from home and is now being searched for.

Concerned netizens have expressed their shock and outrage with the contents of the video, with some suggesting that Esther Ng send the video to the Ministry of Social and Family Development. According to another netizen, the case has been sent to MSF for their further action.

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