When “friend” can purposely search your name on FB when you’re not even on his friend list. I help cos you were my pri/sec classmate. Zzz Need money mother die, ask back for money treat me as I’m dead.

Is not about the amount but the trust. lied to him telling him is my friend whom help to transfer cos im in a meeting but I’m just trying to test if he will return.

Thanks God I manage to smoke him through lending $100 instead of $300. Lol Hehe please shareeeee

In another case, this fellow just use his so called “UOB” bank documents to con my friend (which his super good friend) for more than $30K. So guys please, take a look at those pictures below and never let him have any chances to con you!

This fellow must be thinking “Aiya, con $30K plus also nth happen so I think $100 Joanne won’t do anything la. She look so dumb since primary & secondary school!”. Mother still can act as a guarantor?

Nah dude, you con the wrong person

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