TR Emeritus has once again sought to mislead the public by publishing a vicious claim that a Cabinet Minister is “fully entitled to free A-Class healthcare in government and restructured hospitals”, giving the impression Minister Heng Swee Keat’s medical expenses are being funded by taxpayers. This is a blatant lie.

As TRE would have known very well if it had bothered to check the facts, Ministers in Singapore are on the same medical benefit scheme – the Medisave-cum-Subsidised Outpatient (MSO) scheme – as most civil servants. Officers on the MSO Scheme get a 2% CPF contribution to their Medisave accounts capped at $2,380 per year on top of their normal statutory Medisave contributions.

This can then be used to buy Medishield Life or other portable Medisave-approved insurance plan to cover their inpatient needs. Ministers receive no extra benefits for themselves or their spouses/children. All Ministers and other political office-holders pay tax. Minister Heng’s hospitalisation is most certainly not borne by taxpayers’ monies. The Editor of TRE added a caveat at the end of the said article that he wishes Minister Heng well, but decided to reproduce the “letter” anyway to “show an alternative angle to his situation and the underlying socio-political issues”.

A vicious lie is not an “alternative angle”. Choosing to run an article that contained glaring misinformation that could have been easily searched and verified online is irresponsible.

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