29 November 2015 Batamfast ferry incident

The compensation by the company is restricted by terms and condition which is cap at $500. After the incident, when the passengers are camping at tanah merah terminal waiting for an explanation about the half sunk ferry, Mr Chua came into the picture and promise to negotiate with the insurance company about the claims. With promises given that damaged or lost passport can be claimed, and even counselling sessions.

With a cap of $500 insisted by batamfast, is counselling session even possible to claim? Damages caused by a sinking life raft could not even be claimed fully. This is ironic as the ferry did not sink, but life raft did. But Batamfast insisted on the cap at $500 by the insurer. This just means that they think that they are not at fault at all as they do not want to pay any extra amount that the insurer cant promise. Which means they are implying that the passengers are at fault for sitting batamfast on that night?

Coz only 2 parties involved: captain and crews plus the passengers. Dont blame the weather or the sea as it was not raining or hazy when it happened. They request to seek undertanding from us, why cant they do the same? Can they understand the feeling of looking through the ferry windows and saw the water level getting higher? Can they feel us when elderly are weeping and saying that they dont want to die when we are trapped in the dark cold waters for an hour? Who can feel us when no ferries can come near us when our raft sank as they are worried a slight wave could caused us to drown?

Can anyone feel us when the life jackets could only keep our head afloat and we are on the verge of sinking? Can they feel us when we were almost giving up and our legs cant even sense anything in the cold waters? Can anyone feel us when we were stuck in the cabin of the ferry and not sure if we shuld make any last calls before the ferry submerged totally in the waters?

Can anyone even understand the nightmares we had after the incident? Those who had nevereem through this would not understand at all. $500 is the max we have to kill and end this nightmare. This $500 is also the max amount that what we been through is worth. Maybe some of you out there might say at least we still have some compensation but is this what we are worth? Is not the amount but the sincerity is not there. They should have thought through one counselling session amount before they mentioned that it could be claimed as they knew the max claim is only $500.

This article should not constitute to negative comments unless those who state the neg comments wants the experience on a half sinking ferry and transfer to a sunk life raft soaking on the sea foralmost an hour. Plus, Batam is not only for cheap stuff. Unless thats your only motive traveling there.

A.S.S. Contributor

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