More than 10 years ago, police reports were lodged against the husband of this now infamous woman. He was then known as Steven Chong. Back then, I was a young naïve parent looking for a swim coach for my kids. I responded to an advertisement in the ST Classified Ads. I spoke with the wife regarding the terms and conditions for the swimming lessons. We found the fees reasonable and so went ahead to engaged him as the coach.

As our circle of friends, colleagues and relatives also have children of similar age group, we recommended this coach to them after trying out a couple of lessons with them. I also came to know of other parents whose kids were under his coaching. Each time we asked to see his coaching licence, we were given some excuses until she finally showed me an expired one and said they had already renewed but yet to receive from Singapore Sports Council.

Then one day we received an SMS from this woman that Steven had a bad fall and was in coma in the hospital, so all lessons were on hold. This SMS came after they had collected the next month’s coaching fee. When we wanted to visit, she gave all sorts of excuses. We started to feel that something was amiss, we also felt that he might not be in a good condition to swim/coach as he would need time to recover if his coma story is to be believed. When we started to ask for refund of our deposits and fees, she stopped replying to our SMS or taking our calls. Both of them simply switched off their phone and went MIA. We checked with Singapore Sports Council but there wasn’t any such coach registered under their qualified list of coaches. That was when a few of us lodged a police report against him. From those parents we contacted, we calculated that total fees due amounted to a couple of thousand dollars. We told the police that this couple could be out there cheating many others with the same modus operandi. The police said this appeared to be civil case and we could only get the small claim court to issue him a court warrant. There was basically nothing the police could do. We were perplexed as to why they wanted to run away with just so little. In hindsight, we realised that this couple had found a loophole and knew that there is nothing much people can do them to recover small amount of money, so they were able to get off scot free each time.

I later came to know from another parent that she had also engaged this woman as her kids’ tutor. She also bought past year exam papers from various schools from her. Apparently, this woman had been telling us that she worked as a teacher at Nan Hua Primary School, and that she had the teaching resources from the school. This particular parent had been cheated of tuition fees and the amount paid for the exam papers as she only received a fraction of the exam papers she bought. This woman also tried to sell me exam papers for over a hundred dollars but luckily I wasn’t sold of the idea.

I’ve decided to come forward to tell our bad experiences with this pair though this has happened so long ago. It is clear that this couple has been perpetual cheaters/conmen. I see that some of you here pity the man for having such a wife. I hope by now you realized that he is no saint. They are in cahoot.

It is also not wrong to equal them with Yang Yin that PRC conman, albeit on a much smaller scale. All seem to be making use of their connection with RC and MP to create a credible image for themselves.

I wish the law will catch up on this couple one fine day and serves them what the punishment they deserved.

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