I would like to share my experience at Bedok Swimming Complex last Saturday.

When I went to change into my swimming attire, I noticed that there were some old men who were loitering around the changing room just walking up and down just to stare and make eye contact with other people. It was their behaviour that gave them alot of unwarranted attention but they still persisted.

After my swim 45 mins later, I noticed that the same people were still around doing the same staring. When I gave feedback to the lifeguards, they told me to just ignore.

I did a Google search and apparently this is not the first time that there have been complaints. In fact, it would seem from a “Blowing Wind Gay Forum” that these gays seem to take the place (and numerous other public pools as well) as their gathering grounds:

Now that the school holidays are here, I hope that parents will be more careful with their chlidren!

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