At the Computer Fair just now, the sales staff accidently sold me a $2,500 display set computer for $1,100. They blur, I also blur. I didn’t even know. They only realised their mistake on packing, and told me I had to top up the purchase.

They were probably expecting me to kick up a big fuss and insist that I bring home the $2,500 computer, since it has already being paid: several staff were around, looking apprehensive and all ready to placate a difficult customer – but I didn’t. I cancelled the order though, since I did not need such a powerful computer. I guess some people may take the chance to grab a steal, for to me, it was an honest mistake, and there was no big deal at all..

To my surprise, after I left, one of the supervisors chased after me and handed me a $100 voucher to apologise, thanking me for being so understanding about what happened.

To my even bigger surprise, for the next purchase I made – the supervisor recognised me from SOSD Singapore and gave me a discount!

As a Buddhist, I believe strongly in Karma. Tonight, I saw karma at work in full force. If we treat people a little nicer, people will treat us the same way as well. If we choose to make life difficult for others for our own gain, we may gain a little today, but tomorrow, will lose much more, in one way or another.

Meanwhile, Yoghurt is checking out the spoils from the fair!

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