Hello, fraudster.

You don’t know me, and I could not possibly know you. A few days ago, you called my mother in Singapore, lied to her that she was being investigated by the PRC police for trafficking fake credit cards and money laundering, threatening her with arrest if she did not cooperate.

Congratulations, you succeeded. My mother, a lowly-educated retired old woman, was duped. Duped by your ludicrous lines into giving you her life savings. Savings painstakingly accumulated over a lifetime of work as a nightshift operator and convenience store cashier to support our family.

I know you are an organization. I guess “Wang Xiaoqi” is one of your misappropriated bank account names. “Bank of China, Beijing, He Ping Li branch, account number 6216610100015439447” is also one of your many transfer accounts. The mobile number “13817417524” is probably no longer in use. But I really need to ask you. Are you happy now? After cheating a retired old woman’s hard-earned life savings, are you satisfied now? Do you have parents? Do you have a conscience?

I know I can’t find you. I know you will continue to cheat other people. The cross-border law enforcement bodies for our countries are neither aggressive nor effective enough. But I hope that readers of this post will learn my mother’s lesson, become more careful, and not be fooled by you. I hope that one day, you will get your just desserts, your retribution. And if this post is supported and shared by friends online, I hope that that day will arrive sooner rather than later.

Yours, a son of one of your victims.

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