Dear A.S.S,

This guy rented my car on 02-Jun, 10pm . Was supposed to return on 03-Jun, 10pm . Everything was as per normal until the time when it is time to return . he requested for extension . i declined because i have other people who want to rent it . he told me he will extend until Monday . i said then you transfer money . At first said driving, then said just send parents home, lastly say only left $150 . i tell him dont bother to extend, just return me back my car . he off phone . texted him alot of times ! even went up to his house, the wife said he has not been staying there for many months . left with no choice, we left . TILL 2AM, text me and said my car is at Geylang Lorong 22 . still can alibaba said someone ask him to put the car there . and said got people look after the car . anyway, i went over, Car in the middle of roadside, keys inside car, door not locked . nobody there ! Petrol used finish . its FUCKING irresponsible of HIM ! oh ya, he also stole a Usb Cable and air refreshner in my car . really cheap !

See the screenshot !

Carousell Name : Baybetokyo
Phone Number : 91344244 / 84360124

Just want others to beware of becoming a victim like me .
PLEASE share around . thank you !

Edwin Soh
A.S.S. Contributor

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