My gf was taking a short nap on the bus while heading to work, suddenly this guy interrupted her nap and did something very shameless. He sat beside her and woke her up by using his right shoulder/arm and banged onto her left arm.

That guy asked her for $2 and told her that he had lost his wallet and showed her a $2.50 bus fare ticket saying that he need to take bus later and got no money. My gf rejected him and he kept asking and pestering when she’s already on earpiece like knowingly she didn’t wish to entertain him any further.

He did not gave up and continue to try his luck. He demanded her to check her wallet to see if she got small change (my gf earlier on told her she do not have small change) and asked for $1 instead.

When she took out her wallet, he peep into it. After that say he need $1.80 to take bus. Just give $2 la.

Thinking that whatever he say is real, my gf then gave him two $1 coins and he put inside his pocket which sounds like there’s tons and tons of coins! After giving it to him, he still demand for another 50cent. Which obviously my pissed gf rejected him straightaway. He leave the seat and went around asking for money using the same excuse!

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