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Please help me

I’m very frustrated! Ms Cheryl Goh from msf take my son away just because my husband is earning not much doesn’t that he can’t afford to buy formula milk for my son. My husband and I have 4 tins of milk prepared for him how this Ms Cheryl Goh say that my husband is unable to support the child! She doesn’t know how I feel when she took my son away! And her superior tell me to cooperate with her like wat the Fuck! Why must I cooperate with her? She should be the one to cooperate with me!

These MSF government people encourage all married couples to produce more babies to rise birth population and wat do U all do to those couples who are earning not much? u take the away the child.

And just because the father is not earning much doesn’t mean that he can’t support the child rite? So like that encourage ALL married couples to produce more babies for wat?

Just because the father/mother is earning not much does that mean that U have to take away the child without giving the parents a chance to see if they can support the child! So this the,way government works is it?

Is this the way government does separating babies from their parents just because parents not earning much!

U government ppl fail to realize that there are other society that will help parents who are earning not much to give rations,cash and ntuc vouchers to support the child.

And worse of all accusing the mother that she does not have the parenting skill to look after the child, without seeing it for your own!

To MSF, Your officer Cheryl Goh is one of them. Now all i want is for my son’s return.

Did your officer cooperate with me in the first place? Does she understand why I dun her to put my son in Foster care?

Does she know how much pain I gave been going through ever since she put my son in foster care? Does she know how a mother feels when her child is separated from her?

If it were her child how would she feel if someone takes her child away from her

Your officer should understand how i feel when she take my son put in Foster care without my consent

U msf officers are stealers! How dare U steal babies away from their mothers! U msf officers all better go and die!

Stop stealing babies away from their mothers!

Katherina Mary Francis

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