This guy name Jeremy Seet 33 years old is married with two young kids, left their house when the wife found out he is having an affair with this vietnam prostitute known at hoang haiyen whom he knew in geylang.

They had been having an affair secretly all along when jeremy promised his wife and family he will leave her. But now he is living at joo chiat with this woman, yet showing off loving pics in wechat.

They often hang out at joochiat and jeremy seet is a frequent in Mask 51 at Geylang. This vietnam woman even approached the wife and challenged her, Jeremy did not say a word at all to protect his wife, what a bastard.

This vietnam was sent back to vietnam last year. The wife tried to commit suicide at home, but now she is back in singapore again this year.

As a friend of Jeremy”s wife, i hope guys out there will cherish your wife after reading this. Please share this and shame them !

Wife had filed for seperation and divorce but this bastard dont want to sign it.

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