I received this Telegram screenshot this morning. By the look of it is in January this year.

I am so sorry that I have to blurr it because I have asked the sender to make a police report on this and I believe it is the right thing to do. Let the police do their work. Have faith.

But the sender gotten this respond from his police friend ” Ok. Tq. Saya dah hantar gambar ni tadi ke kawan saya yang polis. Dia cakap kalau rasa ada kaitan dengan saya boleh la pergi report. Ada ke patut cakap macam tu.”

So now I will try to report to my friend pulak. Hopefully positive.

Anyway, here is my view :

You do know how sometimes you get invited randomly on weird group, if its wrong, please make a police report at that instant.

This is a real paedophile group activities in Malaysia. If I could share all the names I would. One of them have a year tagged on his name like xxxx86, let’s assume its age? They are still young.

I cried actually when I consult my team on this. We have blurr this pic the best we can but I have to admit if it were me, I just blasted away.

But there is 2 issue that I wanted to highlight.

Parents posting photos of complete child body in social media beware. The photos can be circulated and can be used in the wrong way. This is also a reminder to myself and my family. Seems harmless but once the photo is victimised there is no turning back. Please understand. I am not against it, I put uncomplete photos as much as possible so it will not be misrepresent ugly thoughts.

Next, when this issue came out today. Some people now are aware and some even feel so scared. But do you know that is another group that becomes curious and later on interested to venture into it. I don’t believe paedophile or porn lovers are genetic. It is by cultivating interest. This is why in our culture we don’t just simply say things infront of kids because we do not know how their mind works.

The word is clearly shows a wrong doing but it cannot be left hanging. It has to come with another added paragraph that explain why it is wrong so naive readers can be educate. It doesn’t even help that we don’t have a good sex education system here.

Remember years ago when people start using sodomy everywhere? Same thing here.

Lastly, I am sharing this as an awareness post to show how close to home the case is. They cannot afford subscription online and such so these group are more dangerous. And they can be among us.
It is also wrong to accept community to ridicule other gender as a sex object at whatever age. Some topic of second or third wife is often joked as a sex adventure and I don’t think it is said in respectable manner. We cannot allow public to accept this behaviour. I think you get the picture. Same goes with stereotyping LGBT as just sexual pleasure issue. It is wrong and you know it. Doesn’t mean you are not keen means you can rudicule them. You do unjust to others, the universe will take its time to pay it back to you when you least expected.

Another thing, we have allowed products to brandt with taglines that sounds sexual like on the way to JB “hisap sampai cantik”, “ketat rapat baru sedap”, “suami lemas dalam dakapan”, “panjang puas”. We just laugh at it. But I think it leaves serious repercussions in our society.

What would i know, I am just a boy.

We have to work and get ourselves educated together on this.

I am looking into it and if possible share about it here on my Facebook. Hope that helps.

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