Dear A.S.S,

hi can i make a community awarness regarding a experience i encounter and u help me to post it online to save folks from going through the pain i will put my name as anoymous

the incident goes like this, i was looking for instructors for my practical test and after consideration decided to look for a school called soon tien driving school,private school .

i went to soon tien driving school, to put it simply and cut the story short the whole experience is shitty

u may feel that i am just one side of the story but usually i am really an easy going person which accept almost everything

however soon tien driving school push me to my limits , the owner there have a serious attitude old people mentailty

i paid 50 registaration fee + 70 deposit fee

each lesson is 51 dollars

every lesson what i get is personal insults, humailitation, been told to shut up when i ask question regarding the driving. should i as a student who paid money get to learn something at least when i paid $51 per less

this soon tien driving school really ruin my whole learning driving experience, and know i feel unmotivated to go for lessons. and i am stuck in no man’s land cant go soon tien and cant go school as it is expensive to transite

please ASS ,you are the beacon of hope in the singapore online community,

please upload this message to your site and prevent singaporeans from getting into private driving instructors shitty service

please do good and good will come to you,anyway this is something that is untalk of and it can help you drive traffic and ultimately you in the long run please please make soon tien viral

you can search soon tien driving school review to testify what i say, i am not the only victim, soon tien needs to be taught a lesson on being humble , once there is lesser customer they will feel the pain and reflect , i am also doing a good deed by teaching them a lesson in life. and sorry to trouble you admin please edit and join all bits and pieces up to make it like a complete story,you will blessed with good karma

A.S.S Contributor

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