I went through a frustrating 10 month job search. I’m glad I finally found a job.

It started in April 2015 when the SVP of my division called me up to go through my performance appraisal. He said he expected more from an executive with 8 years of experience. I got the hint. He was trying to get rid of me.I had covered additional duties of another executive for close to 6 months when that position was vacant, with no extra allowance. I had hoped that by showing that I was able to handle more responsibilities I would be in a good position for promotion. I didn’t even get any form of appreciation from the senior management. Not even a simple thank you. And he had the cheek to say that I did not perform to expectations? BLOODY HELL!

I knew that it’s either I resign or get terminated based on performance. Retrenchment is a nasty word for them and being a unionized company, it was unlikely for them to go to that. I recalled from a management meeting that the SVP was under pressure to reduce head count. I remember the magic number for him was 1999 for the whole division. Thus,I quit. I thought that since I’m only in my 30s, I should be able to find a job easily.

As expected, once I submitted my resignation, my duties were split and given to other colleagues. One of them struggled and was stressed out after taking on my duties. Too bad for her.

I thought that I can secure a job within my notice period but that was not the case. It’s an employers’ market in a bad economic time, the worse time to look for a job. I didn’t expect that my job search will eventually stretch to 10 months…..

I aspired to enter the public service, in particular WDA, as I have the relevant job experiences. I was naive to wait for their reply which never came. After a frustrating few weeks wait I gave up and started to look for other jobs instead.

I applied jobs through JobsBank since September 2015 but didn’t even get a single call. I even tried applying jobs in NTUC through the site, but months after that the status is still new. What a joke! Especially when NTUC was aggressively promoting Jobsbank. I wonder if anyone is looking at it. I don’t mind if I’m rejected but at least give me a status so there’s closure. The more I use it, the more I think it’s a scam. Once, I applied a job in Jobsbank. After a few weeks with no response I applied the same job on their company website and got a call the next day. What does it tell you?

I was fortunate to be invited to interviews. I was perhaps I’m younger. In fact, for most months, I had a few interviews. However, I observed that I face intense competition at every one of them.

I had some nasty interview experiences along the way.

SMRT was where I had the worse interview experience. I went for the interview at the admin and training building. It didn’t feel good when I entered the place. Seems like a gloomy place. That’s just the beginning. The HR executive who attended to me read through my application, upon noticing that I was unemployed for a few months, said, “Wah you so many months never work, can survive ah?”

I felt like giving her a tight slap. After that I just went through the motion during the interview as I had lost interest in joining SMRT.

MOE HQ was another place where I had a “memorable” interview experience. I had a couple of interviews there. When I enter the room and offered to shake the interviewers’ hands (proper business etiquette, right? ), none of them stood up. NONE. It seemed like either their butts are too heavy or someone glued their butts to the seats. I felt so stupid.

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