Salam dan Selamat Pagi…,

Today Im going to post something stupid I guess.

Im going to share with all of you and Im so keen to see what is ur take on this…

I was at Mustafa looking at deodorant, and I was looking for a male type of armpit stick.

Then this angmoh said hello, she was just beside me looking at one as well.

She ask, Who u buying it for?

I said my son.

She ask, oh how old?

I said 12

She said… they are going thru puberty, by using all this u are hindering the process, the odour need to be release at the armpit so he could have a healthy puberty growth…
So I said… oh ok.. thank you for the information.

Then she say again, Im a scientist. Also the puberty ordour is to make them less desirable to the opposite sex. Infact none. If you have a girl growing up u should let her be smelly, its a turn off to the opposite sex. Its God way of protecting them in that young age….

So Ummi say.. ok that part make sense…Im so gonna let my son be smelly…hahahha and I laugh it off.

Then she said again….the more u study the human body the more you believe in God..

So stop ur son from using any deodorant and let him study science…

Hahahaa ok Ummi said and she walk away…

What an intresting theory…

Ummi Abdullah.

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