Dear friends on 26/5 I texted this carouseller who go by the name attractionatsg. to purchase 8 tickets to USS. We liase via WhatsApp by the number 84928801 (its an expired prepaid card number that is only used for WhatsApp purpose, pretty clever huh)

On 27/5 I make a fund transfer of $374 to his savings account 244-70738-6. After the transfer he asked for my email as he said it was E tickets. I waited for the whole day but he did not send anything and that was when I got suspicious. I tried numerous ways to contact him but he went MIA.

When I visit his Carousell account, another user by the name of Yuzaayraa has posted on his listing to warn others about this scammer. I then replied to her post in an attempt to get in touch with her to get more info but instead another buyer approached me and she too had been scammed by this sonovabitch scammer!

I tried my luck trying to find out this mthfcker by entering his hp number on Facebook. To my surprise the number actually belongs to a user by the name Jingo Tino (How ya feeling now, boy? You are so getting famous.)

I then get a help from a friend of mine to message him on facebook to pretend to purchase tickets. He then gave another number 91040994 claiming to belong to another friend by the name of Nazo. When my friend WhatsApp him (refer WhatsApp picture Uss scammer 2) asking for tickets, Nazo replied him at 11.37am saying yes he have the tickets.

Unable to contain my anger at the thought of being scammed, I gave the number a call at 11.54am and it was an indian guy that answered.

When asked about my money and his carousell account he denied everything and scolded vulgarities. We exchanged a few more expletives and him taunting me to go to the police before I decided to hang up as there is no use talking to this mthfcker. At 11.57am he WhatsApp my friend saying he got the wrong number and he did not sell any tickets. This is ironic as initially he told my friend that he has the tickets and after I called him he suddenly say to my friend that he got the wrong number. (Eh macha you 1001 pattern ah.)

I have made a police report and so has the other buyer. Jingo Tino and friends you better watch your back.


Ps. Please do not sync your number with facebook as ANYONE can look you up.

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