Dear Editors,

First of all i want to say, i am scared. I am scared the police will do the same thing they did to Roy and Soh Lung to me. That being said i cannot keep quiet. This is a blatant abuse of power. The laws need to be enforced equally. No one has ever faced lengthly interviews and gotten their belongings taken away before for posting on cooling off day. When tin pei ling did no no action was taken, even now when fabrication about the pap posted on cooling off day there was no action taken.

This just shows a bias in enforcing the law, i have nothing against the police, i think they do hard work and deserve more credit. But this is something i cannot stand for. Why did only Roy and Soh Lung get their phones and laptops seized? The only logical conclusion is that this whole debacle has to be politically motivated.

It is not the police fault but at the same time the police force should not allow themselves to be used like this. Harassing people for posting their opinions on Facebook should not be a crime, the election department rules does allow people to express their own opinions on who they support which is what Roy and Soh Lung did.

The problem in Singapore is not that the government does fucked up things, the problem is that we the people allow them to. We allow them to get away with horrible statements, we allow them to get away with such injustice, we allow them to take away our rights for the sake of a false security.

In a real democratic country people would not get in trouble for posting their support of a particular political candidate. This will have a negative consequence on our national conversation, Singaporeans have been moving forward and opening up to commenting on national issues. However treating Roy and Soh Lung in such an unjust manner will only take us a step back.

I love Singapore, i want to contribute and make it a better place, but is there space for me? Is there space for the dissenting voices who might have a different opinion on certain matters? Why does Singapore seem to punish those to love and care enough to comment on national issues?

I really don’t want to migrate, i really want to be active and be able to comment on national issues, i was born here and i really want to die here knowing i did everything i could and lived a life that made Singapore better. But when i see such things happening in my country it becomes hard to be proud of Singapore, it would seem that the wiser thing to do would be to pack my bags and move off to another country that won’t punish me for caring about it.

One where your rights aren’t a crime.

Benjamin M
A.S.S. Contributor

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