It has been reported that the sellers of a push cart selling chestnuts at Changi Village had been using the toilet for the disabled as their storeroom!

On weekends, business is always brisk for the push cart stall which sells 250 grams of chestnuts for $5. An eagle-eyed customer noticed that one of the sellers would always walk towards the toilet, which is about 20 meters away from the stall, enter the disabled toilet and emerge within seconds with a sack. The seller would then remove the chestnuts from the sack and place them in a fan cover before roasting them.

When the seller was approached, he claimed that there is no issue with hygiene as the sack was “waterproof”. He added that the sack was place a good distance away from the toilet bowl and that the toilet was used infrequently.

He added that the chestnuts are roasted at high temperature, since customers only eat the nuts and not the shells, the seller said that customers should not kick a fuss!

The seller said that they were selling chestnuts just to make a living. A sack of chestnut weighing 15-20 kg costs over a few hundred dollars.

Hiding the chestnuts in the toilet helps the sellers to cut their losses if they get caught by the NEA.

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