Roy Ngerng Yiling and Teo Soh Lung are now being extensively investigated for their alleged offence for posting posts on their Facebook account during the recent Bukit Batok By-election Cooling Off Day.

The Election Department had earlier filed police reports against the two individuals for allegedly violating the parliament election act, by posting posts that promote candidates on cooling off day.

Instead of being released after their 2-hr interview at Cantonment Police Station today at 10am, the police escorted the two back to their respective home to conduct their search on the premises.

The two had their house searched over 2.5 hours by the police after a 2 hr interview at Cantonment police station this morning.

The two are not allowed to make any phone calls with their phone and worried friends are now outside their flat waiting for them to come out as the door to their homes are locked from within.

It is understood that 3 policemen were with Roy Ngerng in his house during the search and the search was conducted over 2 hours. Roy came out of his residence near 3pm with the police and was brought back to cantonment police station to be further investigated for his offence.

The police left Soh Lung’s house with her phone and laptop but did not bring her back to the police station. It is said that the police noted that she was not required to follow them back to the police station.

Source noted that the police has mentioned that some charges against the two are arrestable offences.

Under the act, any person who guilty of violating the cooling off day regulation will be fined for a sum of not exceeding $1,000 or to imprisoned for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both.

Credits: The Online Citizen

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