I was happily married into a super messy family. My in laws are no doubt, monsters and siao. (MIL = monsters in law, SIL = Siao in law). I know it is not right of me to say them like this, but please judge me after the whole story.

My hubby (yes. I am a lady. People in this forum who met me will know) was born into a family of 4 (his parents, his YOUNGER sister and himself). As with all traditional Chinese family, we will be expecting the male to get all the love from the parents. That was what I thought. But hell NO! The younger sis got all the love, leaving none for hubby, just because she has some dying illness of sort. It went so bad, that the family has a WA chatgroup, without hubby and I. (I can accept the fact that I am not inside, I am just their DIL. But without hubby? One whom they gave birth to?)

Needless to say, you can expect how things were at home. Anything my SIL says is definitely true. (e.g. my 5 months old baby rubbing eyes in front of me I told my MIL he wants to sleep. She says no la! Where got? Look so energetic cos he want to play with PoPo. But when my SIL says he wants to sleep, just the next moment he was “kidnap” away from me, my MIL came back and tell me he want to sleep. Like WTF right? God knows what bad mouthing was done behind hubby’s back by her. She tried to tell me things which I know was not true about hubby.) She even has the backing of their extended family! Ever since the birth of my boy, she has been taking numerous pictures.

When my boy cries, her first reaction, run to the room take picture, blocking my way to access to my boy. She can even sit outside the room to wait and not even willing to excuse herself when I want to close the door. She still ask for a reason. (Hello! This is my room. You mean I need permission from you to breastfeed my boy? or is it she want to take pictures?) I got so pissed by her that one day hubby and I just post it onto FB. Her reaction? Slam door on my poor boy. He was barely 1 month old then! FIL has the cheek to tell me ai ya not so easy scare one la. I was really WTF! But for hubby’s sake, I kept quiet. Amazingly, the aunt know of the whole issue (not sure know of the slamming door not), and came twice or thrice to lecture them.

Somehow, to them, the wrong is of my hubby to post on FB. Slamming of door to my MIL is OK also. To her, becos SIL is not happy. WAH. No happy can take it out on my son? Eh Hello! How you want me to leave my boy to their care? But again, for hubby, I bear. It went to a point that I suffered from depression, wanting to end my life and my boy’s. (MIL know wo! According to her she say she can feel it. But she isn’t doing anything to stop me wo! In fact adding more fuel to the fire! If not for my hubby and friends plus my own family, I think I won’t be here today)

MIL is very OK with the fact that my SIL didnt acknowledge me as her dao sao. She has never address me before. Not even my name. The first time we talked, she describe me as the who ar. Manners? I don’t know.

Now, my poor boy is kidnap away from me every morning. The moment my door is open, my MIL will peep into see if my boy is awake. Even if I were to just take some stuff from living room. He will be gone from the moment he woke up till night, only time he is in was when he needs milk. (I must have look like a cow to my in laws!) Even showering, mummy cannot be involved. Must be GuGu. Like WTF! Plus feeding my boy things that he should not be put in mouth yet, like mango?

I got pissed to the max when my FIL tells my boy one day, now is daytime. It is OK to ignore mummy one. What kind of bloody respect is he teaching my boy? Even if this is a joke, it just went too far, way too far for anyone to take it.

The best part comes in when one day, hubby and I had a small argument. I was crying. MIL saw it and keep asking me the next day. But I always believe this is between hubby and I, there is no need to share. So I keep telling her it’s OK. Guess what? Hubby receive complaint that she felt disrespected at that very evening! interesting ya?

Things hubby done is never right. This includes of him buying things for my boy. GuGu want to buy toys for my boy is totally OK and right of her. Everything at home is double standard. Hubby and I cannot do, but they do is perfectly OK.

Which Popo will keep calling themselves mummy to their grandkids? I really feel replaced by my MIL.

Now hubby is getting extremely pissed thxs to their outcast. Everything they do, only involves the parents, SIL and my boy. Who are we to them? Pigs who only in charge of giving birth? Perhaps I am luckier than my hubby. I am not only a pig that bore them grandkid, but also a cow whom, sadly, don’t trust.

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