Dear ASS Editors,

To all who always use grabcar service, please take note and read thoroughly to a very very bad experience happened to me. (Including Mum, Sis, brother in law, my chio niece & my yandao twinnies nephews).

Last nite, we was at Waterway Point and mt Sis tried to book 6 seaters grabcar, but 3 drivers accepted and cancelled our booking. (This is very annoying). As its getting late, my Sis tried to book a normal grabcar and includes notes to driver mentioning that we got 4 adults, 1kid & 2babies with us and we are going to 2 locations (which normally only need to pay extra $5 on top of ur fare).

This driver accepted and my Sis called him and wanted to let him know our situation incase (cos some driver did not see notes and accept blindly) & he rejected the call.

When he reached at Waterway point at about 10pm, he wind down the window and start to nego the fare saying he never take so many people before and we have to TIPS him extra $5 cos of the kids. The fare is $17 from Waterway Point to Cassia and pasir ris is the addition place. (He mentioned top up $5) ok we agreed on this. Which means our total fare is $27.

Before he reached pasir ris, he asked my BIL who will be alighting at pasir ris first. Normally no driver will ask such question, I felt something fishy. So When he reached pasir ris, my Sis, BIL and kids all alighted, he asked my BIL again ‘who will be paying the fare?’ & of cos is me and my mum rite? We are the last to alight.

After the driver keyed in our postal code, he told us ‘ We got a problem now.’

I asked him ‘What problem?’

Driver said ‘ from pasir ris to cassia is 12km and you all either have to alight and rebook or give me another extra $5.’

I was like Hey! You think we first time take grabcar? If you are scared to take so many people and you should not have took this job in e first place. Now you are wasting our time!’.

As the time is very late, we said its ok. You just go we give u extra $5. Total fare is $33.

I immediately call my Sis and tell her to take note. The driver stopped and ask us to alight cos he scared we complaint him. So we decided to alight and rebook and I ask how much should we pay you now. He said he dunno. Nvm my mum paid him $27. And he accepted BUT he deleted our notes and only billed us $17. Attached receipt you can see clearly.

He argued with wrong people man. He thought he was in Bangkok, keep asking we are to give him tips. Very sickening old fellow.

Grabcar, please do something about it. #grab #grabcarsg #grabcar #crapservice #takenote

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