Fellow drivers esp those on coilovers or big rims… pls take note of this stretch of road along Hougang Ave 3 towards the direction of Hougang and AMK. Theres this protruding strips which is almost like a mini hump… I dented my 20″ rims while driving at about 80kmh over it… The bump is esp bad on the outer most right lane.

A feedback was made to LTA for their actions as this strip could be detrimental to the safety of road users using that stretch esp motorcylist. LTA responded fast and arranged for the responsible party which is ‪#‎Singtel‬ to the scene. After watching a few lorries and even a motorcyclist “flying” off that strip…

The said Singtel Engineer insisted that it is perfectly fine and I challenged him to say that to the LTA officer that hes not going to do anything about it.. “If you wana claim against us.. pls get your lawyer to write to our lawyers…” he said. So i asked him who your lawyers are and he replied “Your lawyer will know who Singtel lawyers are!” Plain arrogance from a Singtel staff… So big companies like Singtel can bully peasants like us and its our fault for changing to big rims..

Pls take note of this stretch and drive real slow when you are in that marked area unless you are changing rims soon… Drive safe both motorist and motorcylist.. If you know of any management staff from Singtel.. Kindly tag them in and I would like to get your inputs.. cheers

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