To All the Kind Soul, please help to share.

I’m asking you to have the courage and strength to step forward to assist in catching this brutal cruel cat killer in Tampines Street 83. Our community will Not be safe with your Silence, Ignorance and being Indifference. Our community will only be safe when we Voice Out!

This vulnerable animal has no strength to fight back and don’t deserve such death.

Tampines Street 83 Cats is Not missing, it is killed! We witness a Cruel Chinese Young Guy age 20+ From our kitchen window as we heard a cat Shrieked in agony. (Suspect he strangled the cat) He slammed the grey siamese cat hard on the ground twice, walk away and came back then bend down to use a lighter to burn the injured Siamese cat!

We have reported this case to Police and AVA at 2am

I believe this killer stay around here and there are many cases of missing and dead cat not reported.

His target:

1. Obedience cat that will not run away when see human come close.
2. Start to kill at midnight

Our sign of vigilant:
1. Cat Shrieked in high pitch (not cat fight sound)
2. Blood oozing out of the mouth

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