27 May 6:50pm at Punggol Waterway point, this car SGD 8322P pulled into a parking lot for the disabled. A man walked out alone. I thought he might have missed the sign and said politely: “Excuse me sir, this is a handicap parking lot.” He said: “Can’t you see that I have a label? I am picking my mother in law.” I felt a little embarrassed for my over reaction.

I walked into the mall and saw the man walking with a lady. They went up the escalator where I was heading and started queuing outside Swensons. I was puzzled and asked: “Sir did you parked at the handicap lot?” He asked: Who are you? Are you a civil servant? Me: “No, I am just a human being.” He: “You have no right to question me.” Me: you can’t park at the handicap lot because you are not ferrying the passenger.’ He: “what are you going to do to me?” The lady next to him told me: “my mum is inside Swensons.” When I asked to verify, suddenly they don’t need to eat at Swensons anymore. (followed by play catching at the escalator as I record their video)

I can’t do much and only hope to help create awareness. As I am typing this, I am struggling within myself, Am I being mean to create this post? Due to our ageing population, there is a shortage of parking space for the disabled due to increased demand.

Please share this if you feel that more people should be aware that they can’t park at the lot meant for the disabled , if they are not ferrying the disabled passenger. (even if they have a label.

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